Corporate Social Responsibility

At LEADFX, Corporate Social Responsibility is of the utmost importance. The health and safety of our people is a top priority and we go above and beyond industry standards to minimize our environmental footprint. LEADFX is committed to building strong relationships with the communities in which we operate and we have a number of initiatives in place that continue to improve the quality of life within these communities. To learn more about our committment to CSR, please click on the categories below.


At LEADFX, our business model is based on sustainability and we measure ourselves using the Triple Bottom Line (profit, people and planet), thus enabling us to create both short and long-term value for our communities, our customers, our businesses and the planet.

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Health & Safety

We are committed to best health and safety practices and our people are continuously monitoring, analyzing and improving our safety practices in order to prevent, minimize and mitigate occupational risks and injuries.

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We understand, respect and are dedicated to improving the lives of our communities. Through active community engagement and a dedication of resources, we have developed frameworks for measurable and self-sustainable initiatives to make a material difference in the lives of people.

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